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ReactorNet Launches New Requisition Form to Streamline Capture of All Purchasing

ReactorNet introduces massive make-over to ePRO’s Ordering Suite by creating a Requisition Form that makes user entry quick and easy while collecting all the required details to deliver true spend visibility.

ReactorNet, a premier provider of Cloud-based eProcurement solutions for medium- to large-sized companies, today announced the launch of their new Requisition Form, a key component of their ePRO product. ePRO is an award-winning Procure-to-Pay platform allowing buyers to directly collaborate with suppliers to gain control of spend management and maximize purchasing power.

The new Requisition Form is a key component of the ePRO Ordering Suite, which also provides Supplier Punchout and Shopping Cart options as well as standardized order forms called Order Guides.

“When we set out to redesign the Requisition Form, we had three goals in mind,” said Anthony Kylitis, co-founder and vice president of Marketing. “First and foremost, it had to conform to the overarching theme of the ePRO solution, which is to capture all purchasing, whether product or service, without any barriers. Second, the form was designed to protect against duplicating vendor and product data which of course provides for cleaner, more accurate analytics. Finally, the user interface had to be streamlined and responsive for our users so they could be in and out of the system quickly while still providing all the required data.”

Key features and capabilities of the ePRO Requisition Form include:

  • Rapid Data Entry Mode makes it simple to quickly navigate the form for multiple line orders with little assistance using the mouse. This is especially important for users who are accustomed to legacy applications and, in particular, 10-key data entry.
  • AutoComplete and Suggestions allows users to quickly select from suggested results based on what they are keying in.
  • General Ledger Coding allows the user to select an account for each item, as well as split code the item into multiple accounts.
  • Asset Assignment complements the ePRO Asset Management module, allowing users to assign Asset ID’s to the requisitioned items.

About ReactorNet

ReactorNet is a premier provider of SaaS-based, eProcurement solutions for medium- to large-sized companies across industries including entertainment, hospitality, and automotive. ReactorNet powers Cinema Solutions and ePRO collaborative platforms, integrating buyers’ and suppliers’ purchasing responsibilities into a centralized location—removing procurement barriers to reduce operational costs by improving accountability, increasing spend visibility, and maximizing buying power. ReactorNet is a recipient of ThinkStrategies’ Best of SaaS Showplace Award.

Founded in 2005, ReactorNet is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Clients include AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, John Q. Hammons Hotels Management, and Philips Lighting Company (a division of Philips Electronics). For more information, please visit

ReactorNet Technologies is a premier provider of hosted and managed Software-as-a-Service e-procurement solutions. The company's collaborative and customizable software drives greater productivity, spending control and compliance in customers’ procurement operations, without incurring additional investments in hardware and software. By helping companies control costs, ReactorNet enhances profitability for companies of all sizes in virtually any industry.