What you get with Dealer EPRO

Start saving today. Dealer EPRO integrates with your CDK system and works with your processes, not against them, to streamline your purchasing and accounts payable.

Purchase Order Management

Use Dealer EPRO as a purchase order tool, helping you control what you're buying, not just what you're paying for.

AP Automation

Automatically get all your invoices into Dealer EPRO, complete with line item detail. No more manual keying of invoices. Simply scan and submit invoices in one simple step.

Create a Workflow Approval Process

Setup a workflow approval process to code and approve your invoices. Dealer EPRO will also automatically code your invoices based on past history creating a quick and easy approval step.

Pay Invoices using EPayments

Once your invoices have been approved, you can pay them using one of several payment options including a VCard options with Cash Back Incentives.

Synchronizes with your CDK DMS

Dealer EPRO integrates with your CDK General Ledger to create all the financial entries needed for your financial reporting.

purchasing ap automation workflow pay cdk integration

What you get with Dealer EPRO

Start saving today. Dealer EPRO integrates with your CDK system and works with your processes, not against them, to streamline your purchasing and accounts payable.

Overview Videos

In a hurry? Check out these brief videos to get a quick understanding of Dealer EPRO.

Watch this quick Dealer EPRO Overview video to learn how to reduce your operational costs.


In this Dealer EPRO Workflow video, Tony explains how your teams works with the software.


Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you have plenty of question. And we're here to help. Hopefully the information below will answer some of the immediate and questions. Contact us if you have any further questions.
How do I get started?

We make getting started as easy as possible. Simply fill out our contact form so that we can contact you and provide your with a pricing proposal, license agreement, and Implementation Checklist.

How long does it take to implement?

You can expect an implementation timeframe of 30 to 60 days.

The first part of the implementation will be dedicated towards setting up your CDK system, which requires authorization from you via the CDK Global eStore. The second is dedicated towards setting up your Dealer EPRO account, complete with a synchronization of your vendor master. The third part of implementation is setting up your departments for Scan & Capture and conducting on-site training for all your users. Along the way, we'll also get you started on initializing your EPayment accounts so you can begin making electronic payments on your invoices as soon as possible.

What ROI can I expect?

We've seen as high as a 20% reduction in your administrative costs related to purchasing and accounts payable. Naturally, the more you spend the more you save.

However, there are certainly more ways to increase your ROI than simply lowering your costs. Managing your purchasing and accounting has shown to also lower your total spend due to a variety of factors. First, having a system in place has proven to alter purchasing behavior in a way that saves companies money. Employees are less apt to being frivolous with their expenses as they buy into the new strategy of managing each and every dollar spent. Additionally, with the new level of visibilty you will have into purchasing, you'll find plenty of opportunities to leverage your purchasing volume to get better pricing and, thus, reducing your spend.

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