Cinema Solutions

ReactorNet's Spend Management Solution for Entertainment related businesses is highlighted by Cinema Solutions, an eMarketplace powered by EPRO, for Buyers and their Suppliers.

Cinema Solutions

A Collaborative eMarketplace for the Cinema Industry. Powered by EPRO.

Cinema Solutions is used as a collaboration platform by Buyers and Suppliers in the cinema industry to streamline the procurement process. The entire solution is powered by ReactorNet's EPRO software which is built on an N-N architecture, meaning the system supports multiple buyers and suppliers on one instance. This arrangement offers so much additional value to the buyer while at the same time removing the burden on the supplier from having to interact and interface with multiple buyer systems.

The Cinema Solutions Supplier Network

Cinema Solutions features the most comprehensive supplier network for cinema available today. With over one hundred suppliers already integrated, including Coca-Cola, Philip Lighting, and Christie Digital, to name a few. This makes implementation time exponentially shorter and produces an almost immediate ROI. Cinema Solutions also makes it possible to order from any of your suppliers that are not on Cinema Solutions. Ask a Cinema Solutions representative for more details.

Best Practice Workflow

The Cinema Solutions Best Practices workflow keeps the procurement process running smoothly while purchasing staff stays productive. A Best Practice Workflow also forces compliance of your organizations policies and procedures. The five main steps for the workflow - content management, ordering, shipping, receiving, and invoice/payment - is designed takes a task oriented approach using Role-based rules.

Supplier & Contract Management

Manage suppliers and pricing all in one place. Keep track of your contracts using the Contract Management module, which is used with Invoice Automation to in order to compare pricing and eliminate pricing leakage.

Total Invoice Automation

Cinema Solutions can help eliminate paper and expedite the AP process by excepting electronic invoices for integrated suppliers and using the paper-to-electronic service for all paper invoices. With Invoice Automation, you can shorten the payment cycle and take advantage of early payment discounts that many suppliers provide terms for.

Back-Office Integration

ReactorNet plays nice. That's why the Cinema Solutions platform offers full integration options with virtually any back office system including AP systems, inventory systems, and POS systems.

Distributed Pricing Model

Cinema Solutions pricing is based on a distributed, or shared, model whereby all parties, both buyers and suppliers, participate in the cost. Buyers pay a per location fee, with discounts available based on number of locatiom, while suppliers pay a percentage transaction fee determined by sales volume.

For more information, visit the Cinema Solution website at

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