Spend Management for Hospitality

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EPRO for Hospitality

The hospitality industry is challenged with multiple site and department functioning, visibility into real time transactions, and revenue optimization. With today’s online travel discounts and travel accessibility, the margins for hospitality are tighter and therefore require better control and cost management for all back office systems.

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Hotels must manage procurement accuracy and cost across food and beverage cafes and bars, full food service restaurants, room need fulfillment, laundry, lighting, service, and all miscellaneous smaller categories of spending. Hotels must manage forecasting, accuracy of order fulfillment, structure and control across departments, and sites, and above all control contract cost and invoice management. Hotels need streamlined efficiency with as much spend under management as possible to achieve, and integrate procurement with the accompanying touch point systems such as POS, inventory, and recipe building. Data centralization, streamlined integration points, clear process flow, and compliance are critical to achieving these goals and true contract management.

Key Benefits

  • Supplier Collaboration - Enabling electronic commerce with your supplier base can establish better financial terms, faster delivery and less waste
  • Standardized WorkFlow Process - Smoother, more efficient purchasing operations that are repeatable and 100% measurable by the system
  • Reduce Maverick Spending - Every transaction tracked from PO to Payment
  • Improved cash flow - Real time knowledge of purchase commitments, more leverage on suppliers
  • More efficient procurement operations - Automated spend management, electronic invoices, smoother workflow
  • Corporate Compliance - Achieve Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and more
  • Ease of Use / Customizable / Scalable

Food & Beverage

Bars, cafes, and book stores work on short inventory levels and require tight inventory control, labor control, and visibility on spend. ReactorNet EPRO’s content framework pre-loads GL account coding, split coding for multi-department use, par level inventory load and automated ordering based on par level inventory. This reduces the amount of labor required to manage the inventory and ordering process, improves inventory accuracy and order management, and allows same data visibility across the corporate office, various location sites, and the supplier.

These operations also require real time visibility into order status and delivery schedules. ReactorNet EPRO integrates with suppliers systems to show inventory levels and house scheduled delivery hours for accurate receipt planning.


Foodservice operations have the same inventory and visibility needs as food & beverage operations, yet have additional needs in the areas of labor management, and service procurement. Moving from a smaller food and beverage operation to full foodservice, full menu offerings, and larger customer space and interaction require back office systems that can manage larger spend categories and expanded services. The amount of equipment and product that is procured on a daily basis expands in a food service operation and requires stricter controls, automation channels, and visibility.

ReactorNet EPRO is designed to expand and deliver spend management across unlimited number of categories, completely customizable by the end user. This allows the customer to include very niche level categories specific to a food service operation that it may deem necessary to its market differentiation. The ability to customize and design these spend categories allow food service operations to improve cost control across even the more unique aspects of its operation, which delivers 100% spend management.

The service aspect of foodservice, by definition, demands that a procurement system include the ability to procure, control, and manage service spend as well as product spend. ReactorNet delivers a completely integrated service module that allows the buyer control over service ticketing, annual contract management, and field technician interactivity.

ReactorNet Technologies is a premier provider of hosted and managed Software-as-a-Service e-procurement solutions. The company's collaborative and customizable software drives greater productivity, spending control and compliance in customers’ procurement operations, without incurring additional investments in hardware and software. By helping companies control costs, ReactorNet enhances profitability for companies of all sizes in virtually any industry.