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ReactorNet Adds New Payment Automation Provider to its Partner Platform

Electronic payments from OnPay Solutions, a leading provider of Payment Automation, to be made available through EPRO, ReactorNet’s Procure-to-Pay Cloud Platform

San Antonio, TX – February 9, 2015 – ReactorNet, a premier provider of cloud-based collaborative spend management solutions, and OnPay Solutions, a leading provider of payment automation, today announced an integration partnership. The new partnership will allow companies to leverage OnPay Solutions’ payment services through the use of ReactorNet’s award winning procure-to-pay solution, EPRO.

ReactorNet’s strategic partner initiative is aimed at enhancing the EPRO system through the use of integrated technology made available from providers in the corporate purchasing and accounting arena. Similarly, OnPay Solutions is continually expanding their partnership network to include companies like ReactorNet in their quest to deliver end-to-end business process automation. Both companies will work together to explore new opportunities and deliver a robust, seamless solution.

“Throughout the last year, ReactorNet has made several announcements of new integrated offerings which enhance the EPRO experience,” said Anthony Kylitis, Vice President of Marketing for ReactorNet. “We are just as excited about this partnership as any of them. With OnPay Solutions, our customers have access to an established payment platform that is not only innovative but that comes with service that is very responsive to our customers’ needs.”

Integration work between EPRO and OnPay Solutions has already been completed. Customers will now be able to select OnPay Solutions as their payment platform and, after a quick registration process, be able to send payments in the form of a one-time use virtual credit card (vCard), ACH, Wire Transfer, or even a printed check using OnPay’s print and mail services. Of particular interest to ReactorNet’s clients is the virtual credit card payment option which not only eliminates fraud and expedites the payment process, but also provides cash back incentives. “By combining the immense savings provided through purchasing management with the cash back incentives achieved through virtual credit card use, you could certainly say the purchasing function has risen to a whole new level of strategic importance for most organizations,” Kylitis added.

“Pursuant to our growth through partnership strategy, our relationship with ReactorNet allows us to better serve the entertainment, hospitality and automotive industries,” said Neal Anderson, President and CEO of OnPay Solutions. “We are excited to enable Perfect Payments and remove the points of friction between these buyers and suppliers.”

More information regarding this partnership can be found by visiting ReactorNet’s website at or OnPay Solutions’ website at

About ReactorNet

ReactorNet is a premier provider of Cloud-based, eProcurement solutions for medium- to large-sized companies across industries including entertainment, hospitality, and automotive. ReactorNet’s EPRO is an award-winning procure-to-pay platform that allows buyers to gain control of their spending while at the same time collaborating directly with their suppliers and maximizing their purchasing power. Founded in 2005, ReactorNet is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Clients include AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Carmike Cinemas, John Q. Hammons Hotels Management, TMI Hospitality, and Philips Lighting Company (a division of Philips Electronics). For more information, please visit

About OnPay Solutions

Listed on GrowFL's list of up-and-coming companies poised for growing jobs in Florida, OnPay Solutions is a leading provider of business-to-business payment automation software solutions and services to companies ranging in size from $15 million in annual revenue to some of the largest conglomerate organizations. Our offerings include a collection of products and services designed to integrate, streamline, and automate the accounts payable payments process. We help remove common points of friction within the buyer and supplier interaction.

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