Comprehensive Procure-to-Pay Solutions

Workflows are essential to any process, especially when they can be configured to enforce policy and procedure.

Configurable Workflow Automation

The EPRO Workflow enforces your company's policies and procedures, resulting in improved workflow, increased efficiency and guaranteed order accuracy.

Order Guide List
Order Guide List

Total Invoice Automation

EPRO provides multiple methods for capturing electronic invoices from suppliers, including a scan and capture feature to convert paper invoices to electronic invoices. Integration with the supplier’s invoicing system gives buyers real-time purchasing and accounting visibility.

EPRO Invoice Automation

Inventory Management

EPRO enables purchasing departments to better manage inventory costs by providing inventory and sales data in one view to help the buyer determine real-time purchase needs and ensure the right amount of inventory is always available. EPRO uses preset ordering guides, complete with forecasting, that increase order accuracy, reduce cycle time, prevent product spoilage, and the need to carry inflated or insufficient inventory. Spending allowance configures to both dollar amount and quantity, eliminating inventory overages. Inventory system integration enables data to always be synced in real-time.

EPRO Invoice Automation

Budget Analysis

EPRO enables purchasing departments to better manage inventory costs by providing inventory and sales data in one view to help the buyer determine real-time purchase needs and ensure the right amount of inventory is always available.

EPRO Invoice Automation

Payment Solutions

EPRO Payment Solutions, combined with Invoice Automation, allows you to fully automate your AP process. Choose from multiple payment methods, including eCheck, ACH, and virtual credit card. Use the single-use virtual credit card option to earn cash back rewards for every dollar you spend.

EPRO Invoice Automation

Reporting & Dashboard Analytics

The EPRO Dashboard provides a quick healthcheck of your Purchase-to-Pay process using Key Point Indicators. Retrieve real-time business intelligence reports about your purchasing in order to make smarter purchasing decisions in a more timely manner.

EPRO Invoice Automation

Feature List

Workflow Management

  • Customizable Role Management
    EPRO Users can be setup based on Corporate, Accounting, Region, and Department level roles as well as customizable roles.
  • Locations (Departments)
    Locations can be setup to represent physical locations or departments, then assign Users to these locations.
  • Product & Order Approval
    Manage your spend by controlling the supplier, products, and order amount before an order is created.


  • Order Guides
    Use for commonly ordered items. Can be jointly managed by buyer and supplier.
  • Requisition Form
    Use the Requisition Form to create purchase orders from a blank template.  Can be used for listed suppliers or create a supplier ad hoc.
  • Punch-Out
    Allows you to use suppliers' websites for ordering, all within the confines of your EPRO system.
  • Shopping Cart
    Create your own shopping catalog experience with the EPRO Catalog and Cart "Checkout" Sequence.
  • Service Request
    E-Procurement isn't just for products. EPRO allows you to procure services in addition to products.
  • Petty Cash Control
    A special EPRO form used specifically for capturing and managing your petty cash funds.
  • Receiving
    Use the Receiving form to reconcile an order and trigger the 3-way matching process.

Total Invoice Automation

  • Electronic Invoice Integration
    Setup to receive invoices electronically from integrated suppliers and sent directly to your AP system.
  • Full Service Scan & Capture
    This is the key to our Total Invoice Automation. Scan paper invoices and email them for conversion to electronic invoices and pushed into EPRO.
  • 3-Way Matching
    EPRO matches ordered, invoiced, and received quantities to generate accurate invoices.
  • Invoice Approval
    Use to approve invoices for payment in addition to the tolerance and allowance checking that takes place automatically.
  • Contract Management
    Manage pricing contracts with vendors so that invoices can automatically be compared and pricing leakage can be eliminated.
  • EPayments
    Pay vendors using ACH or single use Virtual Credit cards with rebates to buyer.
  • Check Disbursement
    For organizations that still prefer sending physically checks.


  • Budget Configuration
    Load and configure budgets by GL Account and Property or Department.
  • Budget Forecasting
    Keep budgets updated with new forecasts by editing across the board or by period and/or account.
  • Declining Checkbook
    View remaining budget amounts while placing or approving orders.


  • Inventory Level Management
    Track On-Hand inventory levels and increment automatically through Receiving screens.
  • POS Integration
    Automatically update inventory levels by integrating with Point-of-Sale systems or even other inventory systems.
  • Quick Count Entry Screens
    Use Count Entry screen to quickly enter inventory counts and close periods.
  • Interactive Inventory Reporting Charts
    Use the Inventory pivot grids to track inventory counts and costs.

Capital Management

  • Integrate Purchasing & Accounting
    The Capital Projects module is integrated with your EPRO purchasing and accounting activity so that project managers gain greater visibility into related capital expenses and budgetary controls.
  • Track Expenses & Invoices
    Quickly and accurately track expenses and invoices linked to Capital Projects.
  • Manage People & Docs
    People and documents associated with the project, such as proposals, bids, and contracts, can also be tracked. This centralized view of project details will help to ensure a timely and compliant completion.