Easy budget setup and even easier to maintain

Uploadable budgets and flexible editing methods make maintaining your budgets a breeze.

  • Upload Budgets - Upload your budgets with ease using budget templates
  • Flex Configuration - Supports multiple period types with Location and GL assignment
  • Automatic Budget Syncing - Automatically sync your budgets with 3rd party budget planning software.

Take the guess work out of purchasing

Having a view of your budget at the time of ordering is crucial to operating within budget.

  • Declining Checkbook - Get a real-time view of your budget balances while ordering.
  • Budget-based Approvals – Setup approval thresholds based on budgetary spending.

Easy to maintain

Easily refresh budgets based on updated forecasts. Either integrate with your forecasting software, import new budgets, or use the bulk editing features.

  • Bulk Editing - Keep your budgets easily up to date with bulk editing capabilities
  • Budget Integration - Integrate budgets with 3rd party accounting or forecasting tools

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