Everything about your projects in one place.

Manage your entire project in one solution. You don't have to chase down disparate data from other systems to get full visibility into your project. With EPRO Capital Management, everything including purchases and invoices, reside in one place.

Workflow Efficiency

EPRO allows you to define a set workflow for managing capital projects, guaranteeing that all policies and procedures are followed and mitigating any project risks.

  • Capital Request Form - Gather all relevant project information and send for approval.
  • Capital Project Approval  - View and approve all capital request sent in from the field.
  • Workflow Notifications - Keep all stakeholders updated on project changes.

Spend Visibility

With embedded purchasing and accounting control, you know what your project is costing in real time, minimizing project overspending.

  • Project Purchasing - Link Purchase Orders to projects so you can track what you're spending on each project.
  • Capital Expense Budgets - Create special capital expense budgets to guide your project purchases.

Project Repository

Track people and documents in your project for visibility and control.

  • User Assignment - Assign people to projects so that only certain users have access to projects
  • Documents - Upload related documents to your projects creating project repository

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