Keep stock levels healthy

EPRO offers perpetual inventory tracking so that you always know your theoretical on-hand values.

  • Perpetual Inventory Tracking - Track theoretical on-hand inventory levels in real-time with automatic or manual incrementing and decrementing events.
  • Quick Entry Forms- Quickly enter inventory values including physical counts, stock, sales, and waste entries.

Manage inventory and purchasing in one seamless solution

Gain purchasing visibility, as it pertains to your budgets, by utilizing budget-based spending allowances.

  • PO integration - Display Par levels and suggested order quantities based on current inventory levels.
  • Receiving Integration - Automatically updates on-hand values with PO received quantities.
  • POS integration - Automatically decrement inventory levels based on sales activity.

Create an inventory process that works for you

EPRO allows you to track items the way you store items, thus creating a highly intuitive inventory process for your employees.

  • Storeroom Inventory - Track inventory down to storeroom level.
  • Inventory Costing - Track inventory costs in real time.
  • Inventory Reporting - Robust inventory reporting out of the box with Actual vs. theoretical, current on hand, trending, turn over ratios and much more.

Let us show you all the in's and out's of EPRO.

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