Manage recipes with ease and share across all properties

EPRO makes it easy to catalog all your organization's recipes creating more consistent and accurate recipe use.

  • Recipe Library - Build and manage recipe library and enforc consistency across your organization. Ensure correct ingredients are being purchased to help control costs.
  • Recipe Importing  - Use our import template to quickly load your recipe catalog.

Multiple disciplines, one seamless solution

With EPRO Recipe Management, you have more recipe information at your fingertips. Rather than marrying up information from different systems, EPRO delivers purchasing, inventory, and recipe in one seamless solutions.

  • Inventory Integration - View real time inventory levels to confirm desired production levels.
  • Purchasing Integration  - Automatically build shopping lists for Events or forecast from Recipes. Ingredient to cart functionality allows to you create orders based on recipe and menu planning.

Recipe planning and shopping made simple

With EPRO Recipe Management, we've made shopping simple. Fill your shopping list with required ingredients in the correct quanities making sure your chefs get what they need.

  • Recipe Scaling - Scale recipes based on Desired yields or servings.
  • Recipe Costing  - Real time costing data for recipes down to the servings.
  • Unit Conversions - Convert volume and weights and Inventory units to Ordering units to ingredients..

Let us show you all the in's and out's of EPRO.

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